We Care Concerts is run by six college-aged kids who have ideas they want to use to bring new ideas to the bands they work with. The kids, known as the We Care Posse (because its fun to be in a posse), all let music rule their lives. And hey, they don't mind.
The five-founding members had all been friends for awhile when some pals of their's informed them that they were going to start a band. We Care immediately jumped at the opportunity and wanted to help by making a website and promoting for the now defunct band Phat Boy Raid the Cookie Factory. They did everything they could for the band, including managing the mailing lists and taking photos at nearly every show. When that band broke up and some of the members formed Two-Bit Charlie, We Care continued working with them. They now also work with The City Drive, Halcyen, and The Staircase Diaries.
In the Summer of 2002, Emily (a friend for many years) moved back into town and started contributing ideas and graphics to the posse. Soon thereafter it was decided that Emily would be inducted and become a member of We Care. Since Emily has her own company, she will be working with both that and We Care in merchandising. For more info about individual members hit a name below.