Two-Bit Charlie is a ska band out of the Southern California area. Once a four-piece band, Tony and Jon, along with new recruits Shawn, Jonathan, and Mike remain to keep the torch burning. TBC's original line-up also included former drummer Aaron Sweet and former guitarist Jonathan Castellanos, who both quit to pursue other musical endeavors.
Among Two-Bit Charlie's many shows, they have played at the Palace in Hollywood in a battle of the bands. The band also has a home at Covina's The Starting Yard, having done several shows there. They have also played with several well-established local bands such as Routine Riot, Last Tuesday (formerly Code 415), The Slaves, and Stalking Roxy.
Two-Bit Charlie currently have a six-song EP, The Oppossum Demo, which is available now on their website or at shows.
the opossum demo

Halcyen is an innovative acoustic project powered by singer and songwriter Dan Hopkins. Halcyen covers of a wide range music including the Beatles and David Bowie. But don't be fooled into thinking that is all Halcyen is about. Live and on his forthcoming demo, Hopkins will demontrate his wonderful lyrical talents.
Hopkins performs with an acoustic guitar, and often has accompanying musicians help him out for the intricate musical pieces of his songs.
Visit Halcyen here for more information on a soon to be available demo, as well as for show listings.

The City Drive is the mellow side-project of Tony from Two-Bit Charlie. In this acoustic venture, Tony gets to experiment with several styles not typical of TBC. He covers songs from bands such as Sampo, Kara's Flowers, and Saves the Day. But even more entertaining than those covers are his own songs he has written about life and love. In these songs, Tony writes about unrequited love and longing, giving us music that is reminiscent of Dashboard Confessional or Jimmy Eat World.
A demo is planned for the near future. Please visit The City Drive for the latest updates.

The Staircase Diaries was started as a side-project of singer/songwriter Zac Courie's band, Fine Dining. But while Fine Dining leans towards the heavier electric sound, The Staircase Diaries steps out of that form, giving us softer acoustic guitar compositions as well as heartfelt and relatable lyrics. On his demo, Zac explores recovering lost or fading love and overcoming misery with songs such as Back To Loving and Coming Home from a Broken Heart, The splendidly composed words have no trouble appealing to a wide audience.
Check out The Staircase Diaries for more information on The Staircase Diaries and how to purchase the music.