Have you ever caught the drummer's drumstick? How about got the autograph of your musical idol? Did the guitarist of your favorite band hand you his water bottle after the show? How about all of the above?

We want the background story about your favorite item of musical memorabilia. It's ok to brag.
All you need to do is follow the directions under submit.

First, you may want to read a couple of the stories to see what we are looking for.
To submit your story, please email rockandroll@wecareconcerts.com with the following:
  • your name
  • website address (if applicable)
  • the band your story is about and their website address (if they have one.)
  • a picture of the item your story is about. (a scan of a ticket stub, autograph, picture of you and the rock star you've met, guitar pick or drumstick, a set list, water bottle... whatever it is!)
  • the date the story you are telling occured.
  • the place the story occured at.
  • and finally, send the story.
  • if you'd like, you can include a title for your story.
Please be as descriptive and in depth as you can with the stories. As a wise English teacher once said: "Show. Don't tell." Make people really wish they had been there too :)
If you would like to share more than one story, please send it in two seperate emails.

Angie and John Feldmann's (Goldfinger) guitar.

"NerdyPunkRock" and Saves the Day.